About Us

RepRap-USA is a branch of JDS Labs, Inc, located in Maryville, Illinois, USA.

We stumbled upon the RepRap project during development of a new electronic enclosure. After spending hundreds of dollars on commercial 3D FDM rapid prototypes for our various concepts, our president decided a RepRap was a must have for future designs [and engineering entertainment]. Assembly of our RepRap Prusa Mendel took several weeks due to short supply of critical components, like the electronics set and hot-end. Thus, we've launched RepRap-USA.com to say thanks, and to assist this terrific community with steadier supply of the best RepRap parts.

Niche market electronics design and manufacturing is our specialty. You'll receive the same great service here as JDS Labs is known for within the headphone/audiophile community.

Questions? Feel free to ask, and enjoy your project!


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