Printrboard RevD Electronics

Printrboard RevD Electronics
Printrboard RevD Electronics Printrboard RevD Electronics Printrboard RevD Electronics
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Fully assembled, tested Printrboard Electronics loaded with the latest Marlin firmware.

The Printrboard electronic set was designed by members of the Printrbot team in order to eliminate the production and/or functionality shortcomings of older RepRap electronics sets. Printrboard improves upon the previous production-grade electronics set (Gen6) by adding heatbed and SD card support, reverting to 1/16 microstepping Allegro stepper drivers, and improving connectivity reliability and reducing cost by elimination of the FTDI UART chip.

We produced the first production batch of Printrboards for Printbot. Printrboard is by far the fastest and most reliable RepRap motherboard to date--and at an unbeatable price.

Printrboard works great with any RepRap: Prusa, Mendel, Printbot, etc.

Our Printrboard Specifications:
  • Fully assembled, professionally soldered
  • Atmel Bootloader and Marlin RC2 firmware loaded
  • 4 layer, 2oz Cu PCB with ENIG Finish -- Excellent current handling & thermal dissipation
  • All other specifications: See the Printrboard Wiki
  • Latest Revision: D
  • Assembled Printrboard circuit board, flashed and tested



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