Heatbed MK1 PCB

Heatbed MK1 PCB
Heatbed MK1 PCB Heatbed MK1 PCB Heatbed MK1 PCB Heatbed MK1 PCB
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Printing on a cold surface just doesn't work. We've tried, and so have thousands of other RepRap builders. ABS simply does not stick well to cold glass/acrylic/tape. Prusa's MK1 Heatbed is the popular solution (yes, from the same guy who designed the "Prusa" Mendel).

The MK1 is easy to install: Solder two 12AWG wires to the MK1 and connect to your DC power supply. The board naturally pulls about 7-10A and heats to the stable temperature of 110C within minutes. You are responsible for obtaining and installing all wiring and mounting equipment as required by your specific RepRap.

"PCB Heatbed MK1" Specifications:
  • 2 layer, 1oz Cu
  • HAL Lead-Free Plating
  • Red Soldermask
  • Manufactured from exact CAD files created by Josef Prusa
    (except we updated the broken URL on the PCB)
  • Size: 214x214mm
Suggested Items (NOT included):
  • 15A or greater 12VDC power supply, or use your RepRap's existing power supply if large enough
  • 8ft of 12AWG, THHN stranded wire (~$0.38/ft)
  • Four #4-40 x 0.75in machine screws, washers, and nuts (~$1)
  • Four 1/4in Nylon standoffs (~$1)
  • 8x8in piece of glass (~$3)
  • Four bulldog clips ($1)
  • Resistors, LEDs, and a thermistor are optional
NOTE: Large PCBs are flexible and may not be perfectly flat. As Prusa points out in his blog, this isn't an issue. The MK1 takes on the flatness of the glass once it's mounted to your RepRap.  :-)


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